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Mediation Festival 2024 September 23 – 25 Thessaloniki, Greece, Hosted by ADR Hellenic


“Mediation for Business Success”

Register now and take advantage of the 2nd early bird rate of 390,00€ until August 31st! 195€ for students under 25 years old!

📅 September 23 -25, 2024, Thessaloniki, Greece

ADR HELLENIC is excited to announce the organization of the 2nd Mediation Festival, titled “MEDIATION FESTIVAL 2024,” to be held in person in Thessaloniki from September 23rd to 25th.

The festival aims to celebrate peaceful dispute resolution and provide a platform for citizens of all ages to engage with mediators and conflict resolution scholars through a range of events and activities. The Mediation Festival will showcase a diverse program of workshops, conferences, training sessions, music and theater performances, book launches, painting competitions, and other mediation-related events. This unique gathering will foster dialogue, exchange of views, and knowledge sharing among participants, creating an enriching experience for all involved.

We are delighted to announce the release of a song that promotes mediation titled
A Chance for Understanding” a musical composition that explores the transformative power of mediation. This song aims to harness the power of music to shed light on the importance of mediation in conflict resolution, and we hope that will act as a catalyst for positive change, encouraging everyone to utilize mediation as a transformative tool to promote understanding and peaceful coexistence.

As part of the Mediation Festival, an International Mediation Conference themed “Mediation for Business Success” will take place on September 24th and 25th. It will explore the indispensable role of mediation in enhancing communication, managing conflicts, and driving results within business environments and beyond.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Navigating Personal & Professional Challenges: Utilizing Mediation Skills for Happiness and Business Success
    Dr. Elia Gourgouris
  • What Happens When “East” Meets “West”? Navigating Cultural Differences
    Roland Wilson, Orit Asnin, Alix Povey, Ethelwald Mendes, Kim Kovach
  • Tales from the Mediation Trenches: Pearls of Wisdom Harvested from Past Mediations. Part 1: Yikes! How I Screwed Up My Mediation! Learning from Each Other’s Mistakes
    Ross W. Stoddard, Cezary Rogula, Zachary Calo
  • Tales from the Mediation Trenches: Pearls of Wisdom Harvested from Past Mediations. Part 2: When “Mediation Magic” Actually Worked – How I Pulled a Rabbit Out of the Hat!
    Ross W. Stoddard, Michel Kallipetis, Joe Tirado
  • Building a Better Future: Preparing the Next Generation for a Better Way to Resolve Disputes
    Eric Galton, Dr Katherine Pavlidis Johnson, Dimitra Mousioli, Dima Alexandrova, Sameer Shah
  • The Magic of Mediation: How to Find, Feed, and Foment It—Transformational Techniques for Resolution, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Prevention
    Ken Cloke, Mary McLain, Chiara Tondini, Omer Shapira
  • Med→Arb/Arb→Med: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Use of Mixed Modes in Business Disputes
    Jennifer Brandt, David Weiss, Dr Emad Eddien Hussein
  • Discoveries & Innovations in ADR — What Has Changed for Mediators and What to Expect in the Future?
    Jeremy Lack, Evi Avlogiari, Stella Karagiannaki
  • The Mediator’s Stage: Stories and Role Play
    Claude Amar, Marie Celante, Adeline Guilhen, Lisa Baker Morgan
  • Mediation: A Game Changer for Modern Lawyers?
    Alessandro Bruni, Jeffry Abrams, Agnieszka Zemke – Górecka
  • Is Your Business Mediation Friendly? How mediation can best be used to resolve business and commercial disputes.
    Kimberly Schreiber, Andrew Miller, Luke Monahan
  • Mediation in Greece: To dream or not to dream?
    (Special discussion)

Thirty five (35) renowned global mediators, arbitrators, scholars, and authors specializing in conflict resolution will participate in the conference as speakers, panelists, trainers and moderators.


On Monday morning, September 23rd, (10.30 – 15.30) the Mediation Festival will commence with a Pre-Conference Mediation Symposium by invitation (only for speakers). Venue: Domaine Gerovassiliou, Epanomi.

On Monday afternoon, September 23rd (18:30 – 20:30), in a joint program for the participants and spouses, we will continue with the Opening Mediation Festival Ceremony. Venue: Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tsimiski 29, Thessaloniki. The Opening Ceremony includes official greetings (Minister of Justice, Thessaloniki Mayor, etc.), Mediation Awards, the presentation of the mediation song “A Chance for Understanding” by the “HARMONY” Choir of Thessaloniki, and a Meet-and-Greet Cocktail. Presentations by the awarded: Michel Kallipetis, Catherine Pavlidis Johnson, and Katherine Kotsaki

On Tuesday, September 24th (09:00 – 18:00), working sessions for participants only will take place on the 1st day of the International Mediation Conference themed “Mediation for Business Success.” Venue: Mediterranean Palace Hotel,  Salaminos 3 & Karatasou, Thessaloniki, Greece, 54626 – Unlock your exclusive reservation rates now! At 20:30, there will be an Optional Dinner (joint program for the participants and spouses).

On Wednesday morning, September 25th, Human Formation of “MEDIATION FESTIVAL”, time: 8:00 AM, location: Promenade of Thessaloniki, in front of The “Umbrellas” the impressive work of art by the famous sculptor Giorgios Zoggolopoulos. Join us as we create a living display of “MEDIATION FESTIVAL” with participants on the pitch. Don’t miss this unique and exciting event! We will continue the 2nd day of the International Conference (09:00 – 12:30) with working sessions for the participants and spouses. Venue: Thessaloniki City Hall, Municipal Council Meeting Room (Vasileos Georgiou Avenue, A1, Thessaloniki). The International Conference will end with a tour of the City Hall building (12:30 – 13:00).

On Wednesday afternoon, September 25th (18:45 – 19:45), there will be a Private Boat Cruise to Thermaikos Gulf (Cruise Bar Kleio – Tiki Boat). Venue: White Tower of Thessaloniki. At 19:45, we will have the Illumination of the archaeological monument “White Tower of Thessaloniki” in pale blue, in honor of the Mediation Festival! The illumination will last until 24:00.

We will end the Mediation Festival at 20:00 with a Private Closing Party with live music (joint program for the participants and spouses). Venue: Bar Oval Bistronomy, opposite of the White Tower, Filikis Etairias 1, Thessaloniki.

Please note that the events of the 3-day Mediation Festival will be filmed. More surprises await!

Organizing Committee: Evi Avlogiari, Roland Wilson, Jeniffer Brandt, Mary Mclain, Nikos Karagiannakis and Ross W. Stoddard.

Attendees of the conference may include mediators, arbitrators, managers, entrepreneurs, HR professionals, lawyers, judges, and more. This unique gathering will foster dialogue, exchange of views, and knowledge sharing among participants from around the world, creating an enriching experience for all involved.

The Mediation Festival 2024 provides a unique opportunity for meaningful dialogue and collaboration, fostering a culture of understanding and harmony in business and community environments. We aim to contribute to global awareness and accessibility of mediation services. As a token of appreciation, we will provide certificates of attendance to all participants via email after the conclusion of the festival. These certificates acknowledge your commitment to learning and networking during the conference.

Language: English

Join us in celebrating the Mediation Festival 2024, meet mediators and entrepreneurs from around the world, and enjoy a wonderful time in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki. We look forward to seeing you in Thessaloniki!

Contact information: info@adrhellenic.com

Evi Avlogiari
Mediation Festival President


Register below

Registration Fee: 450€ | 2nd Early Bird: 390€ (till August 31, 2024) | 195€ for students under 25 years old (students – only via bank transfer or paypal transfer to info@adrhellenic.com + registration form)

The registration fees include the following:

  • Attendance at all working sessions.
  • A welcome drink at the “Meet and Greet” event on Monday afternoon, September 23.
  • Lunch and coffee breaks on Tuesday, September 24.
  • Mediation Festival documentation.
  • Participation in the filming (video documentary) of the three-day Mediation Festival.
  • Certification of attendance.

Please note that the following activities are optional and incur an additional charge:

  • The dinner on Tuesday night, September 24.
  • The boat cruise on Wednesday afternoon, September 25.
  • The closing party on Wednesday night, September 25.

* The information you provide in this form will be utilized by the event organizers to ensure the smooth execution of the event. Please be aware that the event will be recorded on video and subsequently uploaded to both the TCCI and SEVE YouTube channels. Additionally, photographs will be taken throughout the event for documentation and promotional purposes.

Pay via PayPal

or Pay via Direct Bank Transfer

Account number: 0000300003236084
IBAN: GR3008700650000300003236084
Reason: Med Fes 24 “Full name”

Send to info@adrhellenic.com:
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2. Registration Form -> Download here


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